Teach! Write! Learn! Become a Grant Coach!

Grant Coach Application due June 2020.

Learn more: https://grantwriting.stanford.edu/grant-coach-training/

Grant Coaches are essential for the Grant Writing Academy’s success

We train postdocs as Grant Coaches to lead our Proposal Bootcamp courses (BIOS 242, BIOS 263), a 5-6 hours commitment per week during the Autumn or Spring (graduate student only) Quarters. Meet our current and past Grant Coaches. Specific roles include:

  • Supporting and facilitating peer review by training participants to give and receive feedback via a structured process
  • Supporting and facilitating focused feedback from faculty
  • Clarifying and reinforcing writing strategies presented through course materials (readings, videos, lectures, class activities)
  • Fostering a supportive writing community within and beyond the classroom
  • Providing constructive feedback to writers
  • Delivering curriculum and other relevant content and sharing expertise

Grant Coach are paid an hourly rate and gain conceptual and practical experiences:

  • Developing and articulating research strategies – a critical skill for independent research
  • Writing effectively – a necessary skill for all career paths
  • Asking for and providing effective feedback – a mandatory skill for mentoring in all careers
  • Facilitating peer and faculty review sessions – a crucial skill for success as reviewers, teachers, and mentors
  • Teaching – a unique opportunity to make an enormous difference
  • Building community – become part of a network of professionals committed to excellence in training the next generation of scientists

The Grant Writing Academy’s Grant Coaches complete REQUIRED training (un-paid) co-facilitated by the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (9-11 am July 27; Aug 3; Aug 17; Aug 24). The Grant Coach training and coaching time fulfil requirements for the Postdoc Teaching Certificate.

Feedback from Grant Coaches:

“The teaching opportunities gave me reassurance in my capacity to teach and mentor within an academic setting. It gave me more confidence in teaching and interacting with students.  It provides wonderful clarity on how to write grants and also help students thrive.”

“Provided an opportunity to formalize my own grant writing techniques, learn new strategies and then test the best ways to distill them for others.”

“The Grant Coach program provided me with a sense of confidence concerning my career choices”

“Provided a classroom environment that needed to be managed, which is a rare opportunity at Stanford as a postdoc.”

Questions: Email Crystal Botham (cbotham@stanford.edu)

Grant Coaches

  • Lamia Wahba, PhD Pathology (Fire Lab)Lamia Wahba, PhD
  • Sky Brubaker, PhD Microbiology & Immunology (Monack Lab)Sky Brubaker, PhD
  • Jennifer Wilson, PhD Chemical and Systems Biology (Grimes Lab)
  • Jennifer Kong, PhD Bioemistry (Rohatgi Lab)
  • Danielle Mathersul, PhD Psychiatry (Yesavage Lab)
  • Chi Keung Lam, PhD Cardiovascular Institute (Joe Wu Lab)
  • Meghan Halley, PhD MPH Dermatology (Linos Lab)
  • Claudia Vasquez, PhD Chemical Engineering (Dunn Lab)
  • Mina Esmaeelpour, PhD Molecular Imaging (Levin Lab)
  • Paul Hoerbelt, PhD Psychiatry (Malenka Lab)

Past Grant Coaches


Name Years Current position Current organization
 Shiva Abbaszadeh  2014-2015  Assistant Professor  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
 Rebecca Albright  2015  Marine Biologist  California Academy of Sciences
 Joshua Arribere  2016-2017  Assistant Professor  University of California, Santa Cruz
 Kevin Beier  2017-2018  Assistant Professor  University of California, Irvine
 James Broughton  2017-2018   Scientist  Mammoth Biosciences
 Dan Christoffel  2014  Postdoc  Stanford University
 Mina Esmaeelpour  2018  Assistant Professor  University of Missouri Rolla
 Tanya Evans  2014-2015  Assistant Professor  University of Virginia
Diana Hanrgreaves  2014  Assistant Professor  Salk Institute for Biological Studies
 Jesse Jokerst  2014  Assistant Professor  University of California, San Diego
Nick Karayannis  2015  Instructor  Stanford University
 Kevin Mann  2015-2017  Postdoc  Stanford University
 Ben Mason  2015  Scientist  Zymergen
 Annalisa Pawlosky  2015-2016  CEO  Forefront Bio LLC. Research Solutions
 Todd Peterson  2017-2018  Assistant Professor  University of North Carolina Wilmington
 Danielle Nagelberg  2017-2018 Teacher Temple Teacher Residency Program
 Ali Rashan  2014 Resident Physician  Jungla, Inc Rutgers University
 Jason Reuter  2014-2017  Co-Founder  Jungla, Inc
 Vahid Serpooshan  2014  Instructor  Stanford University
 Laura Simpson  2018 Basic Life Research Scientist  Stanford University
 Zhiyuan Song  2015  Senior Scientist II  Machine Learning at L’Oréal
 Trisha Stankiewicz  2015 – 2016  Medical Writer  Penumbra, Inc.
 Ann (Jagger) van Dyck  2014