The Grant Writing Academy was honored with an Innovations in Research Education Award from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)! The award highlights innovations in PhD, MD-PhD, and postdoctoral education and training, or early career development that enhance the institutional research mission.

We coach graduate and postdoctoral trainees in developing and articulating research strategies to tackle important scientific questions.

We are hiring an Assistant Director (Learn More).

We help you STEP into success with grant writing by:

  • Supporting you in creating proposals and productive writing practice
  • Training you to write and edit efficiently
  • Empowering you to elicit and provide effective feedback
  • Providing you with coaching, editing and review of proposals and scientific writings

Why you should submit a proposal:

  • Writing rigorously clarifies and deepens your thinking
  • Articulating research priorities increases productivity and impact
  • Developing and communicating ideas is critical in all career paths
  • Eliciting and providing feedback strengthens mentoring relationships
  • Reviewing feedback improves your writing
  • Securing funding is an accomplishment and has positive career benefits