About Us

Crystal Botham, PhD
Crystal Botham, PhD

Director & Founder

Crystal’s passion for writing proposal was ignited as a graduate student while writing an AHA fellowship. The Grant Writing Academy (started in 2014) is based on her successful Tackling Your K course (70% success rate for career development awards). In addition to being the founder and director of the Grant Writing Academy, she provides strategic advice to faculty and postdoctoral fellows in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine to enable competitive funding applications.






Special Project Coordinator

Chris Powell
Chris Powell

Current Grant Coaches

  • Lamia Wahba, PhD

    Pathology (Fire Lab)

    Lamia Wahba, PhD
  • Sky Brubaker, PhD

    Microbiology & Immunology (Monack Lab)

    Sky Brubaker, PhD
  • Danielle Mathersul, PhD

    Psychiatry (Yesavage Lab)

    Danielle Mathersul, PhD
  • Chi Keung Lam, PhD

    Cardiovascular Institute (Joe Wu Lab)

    Chi Keung Lam, PhD
  • Laura Simpson, PhD

    Infectious Diseases (Blish Lab)

    Laura Simpson, PhD
  • Claudia Vasquez, PhD

    Chemical Engineering (Dunn Lab)

    Claudia Vasquez, PhD
  • Mina Esmaeelpour, PhD

    Molecular Imaging (Levin Lab)

    Mina Esmaeelpour, PhD
  • Paul Hoerbelt, PhD

    Psychiatry (Malenka Lab)

    Paul Hoerbelt, PhD

Graduate Student Fellowship Liaisons

  • Rachel Grant

    Developmental Biology (Kingsley Lab)

    Rachel Grant
  • Kelsey Roberts

    Developmental Biology (Beachy Lab)

    Kelsey Roberts
  • Noah Greenwald

    Cancer Biology

    Noah Greenwald


  • William Talbot, PhD

    Senior Associate Dean, Graduate Education & Postdoctoral Affairs

    William Talbot, PhD
  • Sofie Kleppner, PhD

    Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs

    Sofie Kleppner, PhD
  • Latishya Steele, PhD

    Associate Director, Biosciences Programs and Curriculum

    Latishya Steele, PhD